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Recording Technology Program

This is a one year audio recording program intended to teach you the basics of how to engineer any kind of music, from hip-hop to classical to movie scores. After successful completion of the prerequisites, there is an interview process for evaluation of each applicant. The program itself is 18 units per semester, a total of 27 hours of lecture and lab with multiple projects each semester.

There are many recording, editing and mixing projects to emphasize and improve specific skills in both semesters. The main projects in the second semester are a Record Production project which takes a band from the talent search stage all the way through mixing. The other project is an audio for video project where the student gets a 5 minute video clip and has to put in all of the audio, dialog, music and sound effects.

We have a thriving alumni community that helps other grads find employment. About 40% of our graduates work in major studios in Los Angeles including Cello Studios, Cherokee Studios, Martinsound Studios, Sony Pictures, Enterprise Studios, Studio 56, Firehouse Studio, The Den Recorders and at NARAS (the Grammy's).

Interviews for the Spring 2017 Semester will be December 12-13, 2016. Interviews are only for students who have successfully completed all three prerequisite courses with a C or better (Rec 100, 103, & 140). New students please see class listing. You will need to bring a cover letter, resume and a printout of your grades to the interview. To sign up for an interview...

Note: Successful completion of the prerequisite courses and an interview does NOT guarantee a place in the program as there are more interviewees than seats.

See the Recording Technology Program FAQ for information about fees, class start times and other Citrus College information and links.

For more information about the program, call 626.914.8580 or email with your questions.
For more information about Citrus College, admissions and student aid, see the main Citrus College website.

See Citrus Recording Arts in Mix Magazines “Audio Education's Finest.”

See the Class Listing Page for pre-requisites and class descriptions.

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Avid provides ProTools at a discount to educational institutions.

Citrus is a Avid Sponsored school that offers certification in the Recording Program for Pro Tools 101 and 110 classes.

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