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Recording Technology Program FAQ

General Program Entry Information:

Citrus College's Assessment testing is required for applicants planning to enroll in five or more units at any point. We recommend the following tests for successful completion of the program.

  • English assessment exam
  • Math assessment exam
  • Reading assessment exam
  • ESL assessment exam
  • Writing Sample essay exam

Go to the main Citrus site for more information from the Testing Center.

There are 3 prerequisites as listed on the Class Listing page and 2 suggested classes depending on a student's skill set.

After completing the prerequisites, there is an interview process. We are interested in not only the grades in the prerequisite classes, but also your musical background and technical background (any recording equipment you own or use and computer skills, both general computer knowledge and audio/midi specific programs).

The block program has one section of 24 students starting each Fall and Spring Semester. Classes are Monday through Friday and generally scheduled between 9 AM and 5 PM with some lab times being later or on weekends.

Start Dates:

The prerequisites are available Spring and Fall semesters.

The block program begins each Spring and Fall Semester. The interviews are held after the previous semester.

See the main Citrus College website for specific start dates.


The tuition costs for prereqs and both semesters are roughly $2000 for California Residents (43 units at $46/unit, unit cost subject to change). Non-California and International are roughly $9-10,500. Please see the Admissions page on the main Citrus College site for specifics. Books and other fees are additional.

There are 11 units of prerequisite classes and 36 units of classes in the one year (two semester) block program.

There are other fees listed on the main Citrus College site - Enrollment Fees.

You can expect around $400 worth of books for the program.

Each student will also be required to purchase a hard drive, headphones, cdr's and a usb memory stick for your use during the program. We will provide the specifications upon acceptance to the block program.

For more information about Citrus College, admissions and financial aid, see the main Citrus College website.

International Students should look at the International Student page on the main Citrus College website for more information on enrollment.

General Program Outline:

The program takes you from the basics of audio through to working in the two main studios.

The first semester is primarily spent working in our ProTools/MIDI Lab and a small studio meant to teach the basics of recording, from mic placement to mixdown in a less demanding environment.

The second semester is spent mostly in the two main studios on the Solid Stage Logic Duality and C200 consoles (see Studio page) with projects focusing on album production and audio for video including surround sound. The Digital Audio Technology class is an intense ProTools class with projects designed to teach you the full capabilities of ProTools.


There is no housing on campus but there are resources for finding housing for out-of-state or international students.

Studio Usage:

Student use of the studios is for projects only, no personal projects (either main studios or ProTools lab). If a student has a personal project, the studios are available for rental (there are no discounts for students).

Job Placement:

We have a thriving alumni community that helps other grads find employment. About 40% of our graduates work in Los Angeles at major studios including The Record Plant, Sony Pictures, Firehouse Studio, Ocean Way, Larrabee, Track Record, Capitol, Sage & Sound, Royaltone, The Village, Paramount Recording, Westlake Audio, and post-production houses including Ascent Media, Chace Productions, Encore Hollywood, Keep Me Posted, Oracle Post, Post Logic Studios, Paramount Studios, Warner Brothers Studios, Pop Sound, Wilshire Stage, E-Films and at NARAS (the Grammy's).

For more information about the program, call 626.914.8580 or email.

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